Oxygen-Therapy Systems

Oxygen Concentrators

Medical device of AIR SEP. USA company. The medical "New Life" Oxygen Concentrator produces Oxygen for patients use.

In "New Life" Oxygen Concentrator, the atmospheric air is passing through renascent material absorption, the "Molecular Sieve", which separates the Oxygen from Nitrogen and the other gases with the Flow Regulator to the patient.

Also is used for Oxygen Therapy, and/or for patients with chronic obstructive lung disease(pulmonary disease). It is availiable for simple patient use or combined with "Aero Lyn". Patients may use the "New Life" Oxygen Concentrator at home, in a hospital or in a clinic.


Portable device. It's used for the therapy of bronchial asthma, emphysema, acute or chronic bronchitis, as well as a lot of respiratory problems. It's very simple and very easy to use device.

EVOXA operates as "Bottle Re-Test Center" recognized by the Ministry of Development supervized by ΕΒΕΤΑΜ Α.Ε..